Who actually makes up all these random and quirky pseudo holidays? National S'mores day is certainly one I can get behind. Check out the unusual and unique Smore's recipes I have compiled to elevate the iconic treat at your next campfire roundabout. And be sure to read the last one, it's a campfire cocktail sure to tantalize the senses. Cheers to National S'mores Day!



May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. - Edward Abbey


This post comes to you from the voice of an artist that lies deep within me. The artist that always wanted to come out and scream, "here I am!" but was always a little timid. A mousy voice whispering amongst a crowded ballroom is more like it.  So when it came time to hop in my car and take a ride into the mountains by myself, my nerves were playing a game of twister all on their own. But hey, that's the artist talking... the self doubt, the fear, am I good enough? Maybe I should've brought my daughter with me. Upon my arrival at Scribner's Catskill Lodge, my breathing had slowed and just like the clouds wafting over Hunter Mountain itself, my heavy pillow of anxiety suddenly and quickly lifted. There is an aura of calm from the minute you enter the front lobby. This occurs when an environment is thoughtfully curated and the tiniest of details are recognized.  Touching upon all the human senses within the first 60 seconds of a setting is something Scribner's Lodge has obviously mastered.  


Creatives rejoice!  This is not your grandparents Catskill vacation complete with Gin Rummy and Pinochle in the game room. Although vintage charm comfortably remains,  the contemporary amenities have made their  way north and thank God for that! Subtle hints of yesteryear are noted in the mid-century furniture, the occasional aluminum dome light fixture, and the classic old school fireplaces, I mean what better place to catch up on the latest issue of Surface Magazine? Scribner's Lodge dances beautifully between the binary of old and new and leaves us with a level of nostalgic comfort. The kind that fosters artistic growth but also lends itself to a spa like retreat.  Most notable; they offer expertly designed acoustic headphones to inspire creatives to brainstorm and produce. Genius if you ask me. 


In the summer, you’ll take a dip in water surrounded by mountains. In the winter, you’ll gather by the fire under the stars. The rooms, of which few are alike, have fireplaces and lofted beds. Downstairs, you’ll come together for an alpine dinner prepared just for you by the house chefs. At night, you’ll rally your friends around the bar and watch the sun sink behind the peaks in the distance. On your way home you'll wonder in silence if you should tell others or just keep this secret to yourself.


Feeding the urban explorer at Prospect... 


Prospect Restaurant and Bar serves a playful twist on local cuisine inspired by the rich and diverse offerings of the Hudson Valley. Their dining room has floor to ceiling windows, mountain views and a large cedar deck featuring outdoor dining and a fire pit.  I recommend the Prospect Burger - Butter lettuce, red onion, gruyere, feta aioli, with french fries. For a match made in heaven, order the Peekskill Brewery Cream Ale (ok, I may be biased because that is my hometown brew). For a finishing touch be sure to leave room for their salty sweet Hazelnut Mousse - Brownie, feuilletine, Kahlua Ice Cream! Even urban explorers have to pace themselves so I have to note, the staff at Prospect will bring you a dessert to your room about an hour after dinner if you wish. It's almost too easy.

About an hour and thirty minutes from Interstate 84 and the NYS Thruway, you will be transported back into a time when you didn't lock your doors, and everyone including Fred the neighbor knew your Catskill vacation itinerary. Today it might be more like taking a relaxing yoga class, aprés ski, with a talented Brooklyn-ite. Cheers to that! I anxiously anticipate my return to Scribner's Lodge with my fearless arms flung wide open and a feeling of, ahhh... I found my tribe.